Auto shipping has become a very competitive industry, especially online. Luckily, you can use this competition to your advantage by finding low shipper rates from insured and accredited companies. Universal Auto Transporters is a network of esteem auto transporters that ship anywhere in the USA or nationally. To receive free quote all you’ll have to do is visit Universal Auto Transporters and fill in the form. You’ll receive five free quotes from the auto shippers in our network. You’re under no obligation to accept any and you’re free to visit other sites to effectively compare prices. You also have the option of calling for your free quotes, the info is on our contact page. Doing some research on the prices of your move beforehand is always an important step but there are still others to deal with before you car can be sent along.

Possibly the most important part of the car transportation process is communication. It goes further than just communicating your destination or the cost. First and foremost you have to tell the auto shipper that you’ve decided to hire all of the pertinent information about your car. Factors such as height, width and ground clearance can affect whether or not your car can be shipped by conventional means. You also have to make sure that the car is in decent running condition. If the car cannot start it can still be shipped but the extra manpower, time and equipment needed to load and unload it will increase the cost of the entire move. The more information you give the transporter the more accurate the quote you receive will be. Also, an often overlooked aspect of communication is transporter to customer communication. The necessity of car transportation is usually a byproduct of relocation. The moving process can make customers difficult to get in touch with–especially if their new residence has a different phone number. The transport company may need to get in touch with you to let you know about delays or even if they’ll be dropping off the car early. Car transportation often hinges on how well you’re able to communicate with your transporter.