Ford is a really cool company. They were the only ones not to declare bankruptcy in Detroit in 2008 and now they’re putting out a new, sleeker-looking police interceptor that will replace the Crown Victoria, which is scheduled to be retired in 2011. The Crown Victoria is legendary for its use in police precinct fleets, what with its roomy interior and large trunk space, and is still the vehicle of choice even after the Dodge Charger and the Chevy Impala made its way into several police stations…but police didn’t like them so much.

Now Ford is promising another vehicle to replace the Crown Vic, and supposedly it will be even better. According to Ford, the new police interceptor will be based on the popular Ford Taurus and will sport better durability, safety and performance than the Crown Vic. It boasts a 3.5L V-6 engine, as well as an EcoBoost 365 horsepower twin turbo option for those high speed pursuits in Los Angeles and New York. Ford is also preparing a new SUV pursuit model, but details on that are limited at the moment. We’ll keep you updated.